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Health and Wealth Angels, Inc.

Health and Wealth Angels, Inc.


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We are working with disabled veterans who need many different types of help. The first one we helped had lost his entitlements due to government screwups. He has an attorney but needs help surviving. He had his entire podcast system stolen and all his valuables and left him homeless for two years. I personally bought him three computers, laptop, monitors, green screen and large boxes of cables and connectors. He is now able to go back online helping other vets with his podcast. He recently had a very serious accident in which he died twice. He is in recovery mode, but it will take some time to heal. We need to help other vets do something to help themselves and other vets. We need more computers and software. Laptops for those on the streets who can use Starbucks Wi-Fi or a library Wi-Fi. For the vets, we are looking into making special backpacks using military backpacks filled with survival gear and dry survival food and clothes. Who do you know that MAY HELP?

Santa Claus. I play Santa and have for many years buying presents myself and giving them away. I have given away hundreds of brand-new toys to underprivileged kids. We need lots more new toys for the kids in cancer wards, critically ill or in ICU. We need toys and we need to deliver them. Look at Facebook “Fallbrook’s Jewish Santa” page. Donate toys or money to buy them.

Our real concern is about domestic violence victims. Seems criminals get better help than the victims. I have personally talked to and helped ladies who have been abused and their kids were also abused. It made me cry to see how they were treated and then thrown out into the streets with nothing. Others need help immediately so we will be looking for them and finding them immediate shelter and food. If all shelters are full, we need to pay for a hotel room and buy them food until we can get them help from a government agency.

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