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Roofing Solar Construction


My name is Ryan Downey and I’ve been working for Sunrun in the residential energy consulting and solar industry for over 3 years now, and I love what I do!  I live locally here in Fallbrook with my beautiful wife and 2 beautiful children (6yrs and 4yrs old), and I boast scores of very happy customers in Fallbrook, greater San Diego county, Orange County and even LA fact I would say most of my customers also become friends.  

As the largest residential solar provider in the nation Sunrun offers any financing option imaginable, however what has made us so successful is we offer a program that requires zero out-of-pocket, and simply allows people to save on their power bill without making any kind of investment (purchasing expensive equipment) or leasing equipment, and without placing any sort of lein on the home, making it VERY easy to move if you sell your home since it is fully transferable…just a power bill switching hands.  Moreover, if the home qualifies well for the program, it will have backup power via Tesla Powerwall batteries when the grid power goes out (blackouts, brownouts).  All this with no debt, no lease, no lien, and we warranty batteries and system for full 25 years.  

Please reach out and I can help you understand what options are available to you, since the worst thing anybody can do is nothing!  We pay the highest rates for power in the nation, but there is an amazing alternative that thousands of Fallbrook residents and 900,000+ homeowners nationwide have turned to Sunrun for help with.

Again, please reach out with any questions and I am happy to help you understand the unique solar market in CA and what the best option might be for your unique situation, even if you don’t want to go with Sunrun (but there’s really no reason you wouldn’t) ;)


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