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Flores Orthodontics

Flores Orthodontics


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Flores Orthodontics provides orthodontic treatment for the entire family! At Flores Orthodontics, we love changing lives, one amazing smile at a time! We treat all ages; adults, adoloscents, and children.  We provide full orthodontic treatments, Phase I and Phase II treatments, and limited orthodontic treatments. We also have sleep and nasal airway treatments available to help with snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, nasal airway obstructions, and lack of proper sleep.

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All types of orthodontic and facial orthopedic treatments are available at Flores Orthodontics!  With a holistic approach to achieving a beautiful confident smile, we focus on the patient's visual and functional facial balance, as well as the teeth and bite. Our individualized treatment plans focus on achieving a patent nasal airway, proper alignment and function of the jaws, proper function of the bite, teeth, tongue, and facial muscles. If orofacial habits are present, (such as: tongue thrust, thumb and/or finger sucking, lip biting, and mouth breathing) we use appliances, myofunctional therapy, and nasal airway treatments to correct them.   We use esthetic mini metal braces, esthetic ceramic braces, behind the teeth invisible lingual braces, clear aligner trays, removable appliances, fixed appliances, nite guards, active retainers and passive retainers to obtain an amazing smile with optimum treatment results!



Dr. Daniel Flores

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